Vivid App Runner is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that is designed to maximise collaboration and innovation.

It hosts Java, Node, and golang web-apps. After some simple set up, just push changes to
the app’s git repo and it will automatically be built and deployed here.

Vivid App Runner can be delivered in two ways: as a public cloud service hosted by us, where you can control software deployment with minimal configuration required and we provide the server and network connectivity,  storage and ongoing support of the infrastructure), or as a private service (software or appliance) hosted inside the your own network.

We are open to discussing your requirements as to how best deliver the system to you.

Examples of benefits and features of App Runner where already in use:

  • Unlock innovation within your organisation by removing barriers in building, deploying and sharing new apps
  • Create and deploy a new web-app in seconds
  • Centralise and provide a dashboard for easy discovery of apps created by developers throughout an organisation
  • Scalable – can support hundreds of applications and easily able to be scaled using App Runner Router.
  • Encourages collaboration by making apps discoverable and trivial to contribute to.

For more information or to discuss how App Runner could benefit your organisation, please contact us.
Also, try the Vivid App Runner demo site