Managed IT Services:

Does your business rely heavily on Information Technology?

Does downtime in your systems cost you a lot of money?

Would you like the benefits of an in-house IT person but without the cost?

Then a managed-service-arrangement from Vivid Computers Ltd is the solution you’re looking for.

What does a Managed IT Services Arrangement include:

We customise each package to a client’s specific requirements – taking into account what is important to each customer.

  • Monitoring of your systems – monitoring servers to ensure they stay up all the time, monitoring antivirus software status, Windows Updates required, hardware issues eg Hard disk faults, machines overheating, fans slowing down or not running at all, running out of hard disk space, software installed by users which could cause problems
  • Proactive support – scheduled updates of software, disk cleanups and other preventative maintenance
  • Remote support – saves you time and money and speeds up the resolution of any issues
  • Checking your backups are working properly.

Excellent reporting functions are also available and customisable:

  • Executive summary to give an overview / snapshot of your IT systems
  • RAM, CPU, Hard disk utilisation reports – find out which users are running out of resources so you can choose which equipment to upgrade or replace
  • Windows Update and patch status – shows where there are any vulnerabilities in your software’s updates

The costs of these kind of remote monitoring and managed service arrangements are quite reasonable and you will find there should also be a corresponding reduction in your IT expenditure fixing up emergencies that arise given the preventative maintenance we’re carrying out.