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Website Optimisation

What Is It?

Website Optimisation is an end to end process and part of a larger Digital Marketing strategy rather than something you apply at the end of a website build project. Website Optimisation incorporates a number of separate activities that flow together to produce a finely tuned and optimised Digital Marketing offering:


• Business Value Proposition - establishing clear business goals and objectives from the start.
• Keyword analysis and research - keyword analysis and selection is important at the start to develop a content model to work from.
• Content design and writing - it is important to structure the website content to the defined keywords and keyword themes for ongoing 'search engine optimisation' and 'search engine marketing'.
• Graphic design and web build - the design of the website is important to provide the best user experience and following proper usability guidelines. The build of the website is important but only one part of the overall optimisation process.
• SEO is 'search engine optimisation' and involves the tuning of the website to appear as high as possible in the organic search engine results for certain keywords.
• SEM is 'search engine marketing' and involves the marketing of your website in the paid advertising area of the Google Search results for a set of chosen keywords.


Website Optimisers Limited

Website Optimisers is an Auckland based business providing a range of optimisation services in conjunction with Vivid Computers. These services work around the website development process and complement the range of website services that Vivid offer their customers. 


To embark on any optimisation work we need to start by drawing a line in the sand and preparing an overview report on the performance of the website. The cost of this service is $290 plus GST

From this report we make a list of recommendations and a course of action to follow to improve website optimisation. This might involve any number of the following activities:

• Undertaking of a keyword research and analysis process
• Undertaking of a competitor analysis process
• Analysis of inbound links and directories and recommendations for a link building programme
• Improvement of the on page optimisation of titles, descriptions and page content
• Improvement of the website structure to be optimised for the keywords and keyword themes
• Creation of a PPC 'pay per click' Adwords marketing programme to improve search engine visibility

Website Optimisers will provide a quotation for any of the services above that have been recommended from the preliminary overview report.


End to End Website Optimisation Process Flow

  • Establish clear business objectives and value proposition from customer
  • Keyword selection
    • Analyse customer provided keyword list and run keyword research and analysis
    •  Analyse against Adwords Keyword tool to understand popularity and cost per click
    • Prepare master list of keyword themes and keywords
  • Competitor analysis
    • Establish online competitors, not offline competitors
    • Analyse competitors against keyword list and prepare competitive analysis
  • Content architecture
    • Devise content architecture/sitemap from keyword themes
  • Content design and writing
    • Prepare and write content for each web page
  • Graphic design
    • Design layout considering user experience and usability guidelines
  • Website build
    • Build website to design and content architecture
  • Optimise website
    • Optimise website for on-page SEO
    • Evaluate inbound link structure and refine and build inbound link campaign
  • Assess performance against keywords selected
    • As website settles down compare where organic results for selected keywords are positioned
  • Search & Social
    • Establish where customer industry is based on social media and where the social signal is coming from for the industry and consider social media marketing to optimise search
  • Create or revise Adwords campaign (SEM) to match keyword themes (Ad Groups)
    • Using keyword themes create Ad Groups and keywords for each Ad Group and write two adverts per Ad Group
  • Ongoing optimisation of SEO and SEM